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We want to go to Comic Con in 2010!
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08 19 09(no subject)
trust joss
Has anyone here gone to Comic-Con before? If so, how much were four day passes in previous years?
I'm in the process of trying to save up for a lot of things and I need to budget my Comic-Con expenses in. I live in Sacramento, CA so my plane ticket wont be too much. I'm thinking about $2000+ for my hotel and food expenses. I know that's a lot but this is my first vacation ever so I am going to go big since it will be the only one I get for a while.

Also, does anyone know when passes might go on sale?

Although there’s still a month before it hits theaters, Buzznet has unveiled a new exclusive image from the highly anticipated animated film 9. The close-ups of mastermind Tim Burton's darkly beautiful creatures fighting for civilization in a mechanized future don't disappoint.


Source: http://www.buzznet.com/groups/9/journals/75812201/

Book stack
First of all, welcome to the group! Feel free to post and get to know each other. Secondly, I thought we could use a post to share links to Comic Con coverage. If you have any great videos or interviews to share, please comment! I've mostly been following events on Twitter, but I'll offer up this video. It's a preview for the rest of True Blood's second season. Enjoy!

I hear The Con might be moving to LA in 2012. Just to let all of you know. I want to go to the last 3. Sad it is moving. How stupid since LA has all this other stuff to support its town and we have this, you know?

The sadder thing is, it is because it is popular that it is moving. Should we not support it and then maybe it won't move? :)

I need to promote my stuff, so I will be there the next 3 years.

Sorry I wrote 2010 in my other posts.  My mind was sleepy.

I've lived here for ten years (from the Midwest) and never been to a Con.

I tried to remember to get tickets and also an application for the Artist's Alley.

Then they sold out.

I tried to get Ebay Comic Con tickets (sold by them, the extras) and I missed out on that too.

So, I want to go next year, with a group of people.  So, let's go!

07 24 09 - Intro Post [intro post]
Book stack
Like a lot of people, I've been experiencing con envy this week. Everyone seems to be having so much fun at Comic Con! So I started telling anyone would listen that I wanted to set up a Comic Con fund so I could save up and go next year. Some people ignored me, but some said they wanted to do the same thing. And, finally, buhdderkupp came up with the brilliant suggestion of creating an LJ community so we could encourage each other to save for it! We also want to take this time to get to know each other, so we can all meet up next year and experience Comic Con together.

Feel free to join! We're friendly, promise!
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